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Passive houses offer high comfort levels both winter and summer, together with extremely low energy bills. They are 90% more energy efficient than a comparable standard build in 2007. They do not require the installation of a conventional heating system, only a small back up.
Construction costs to achieve the Passive Standard have been estimated to be between 5-10% more than that of a conventional build. However, in the context of the requirements of the current Irish building regulations and the upcoming Nearly Zero Energy requirements, the cost differential between conventional construction targets and achieving the Passive standard will be minimal.
We at New Era Homes are here to help and guide you through the entire Passive build process, from the initial and crucial design stage, through to the construction of your new home. You will enjoy the benefits of whole house high comfort living, extraordinarily low heating bills and excellent indoor air quality.
You will also be doing your bit for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.



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